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Two Saharas

collaboration with Aaron Higgins and Thomas Lewis
16mm reversal film, TRT.: 3:02s

Giovanni Belzoni used around 80 people to transport the statue of Ramses II, which weighs over 7 tons, through the Sahara Desert into a boat on the River Nile. They used rolling logs to carry the large sculpture.

Two hundred years later, at a time when robotics and artificial intelligence have made significant leaps forward, the primary method of merchandise transportation in the Sahara open mall in Brazil, continues to be the wheels of dollies propelled by human strength.
Created in part on a 3D digital environment and edited with images shot in Paris and the Sahara in Rio de Janeiro, Two Saharas reflects on this dichotomy by utilizing 16mm film as a kind of technological rift between two worlds.

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HYkQYSn7zN3OEeIoKhRI0Rm4CeGqs0-A/view?usp=sharing

Two Saharas
Two Saharas
16mm Film