Artur Silva

This photograph of a pineapple was taken at the Monument of the Discoveries in Lisbon for a show at Sainte Anne Gallery in Paris. The opening is from 6-9pm on June 8th. The gallery is located at 44 rue Sainte Anne, 75002, Paris, France.

Tutti Frutti - a Fresh Take on Classics is a group show centered around two still lives by Panfilo Nuvolone (1581-1651) and Jan Frans Tan Dael (1764-1840). My works for this exhibit explore the juncture of environmental and colonial histories. The first european to come in contact with a pineapple was Christopher Columbus. The photographs were taken at the “Discovery Monument” in Lisbon where people like Vasco da Gama and Pedro Álvares Cabral (navigators and colonizers) are depicted as heroes of the “discoveries” as the Portuguese still sees it. The photos are called Sweet and Sour - Consolation Prize. When I was growing up Saturdays afternoon TV was dominated by a wild peculiar host called Chacrinha. It was a variety show that would hand pineapples as a consolation prize to the contestants seemingly hand picked for their dissonant voices.

Swoosh - Nothing But Net is a series of sculptures made with lemon nets. Lemons got to Europe from China through the Roman Empire 1000 years ago. Now the resources and routes from China have mutated and the packaging is mostly what is manufactured there. These fruits have reshaped the economy of entire regions.

Both paintings by the old masters are also part of the show.

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